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If you are fed up with your life routine then why not add a pinch of entertainment to your life?
Fethiye holidays are for one and all. Break yourself free from monotonous routine of your life and experience the most joyous all inclusive Fethiye holidays. You can have the chance to spend your time the way you always wanted to. Feel cool morning breeze here on beautiful Fethiye beaches.
This city Fethiye (earlier name Telmessos) has got everything and have enough beauty to attract the visitors or the tourists from all over the world. This exciting town is now a major tourist destination because of its historical significance and some very lovely beaches. You can spend your time basking in the beach sunshine here on beaches. You can be sure to have memorable days here. Go on board trips, trekking in the most natural environment, horse riding etc,. Explore the beauty of this land with ease. This place is a place of historical significance. Fethiye bay is a one stop destination for nearly majority of the visitors who come here.
Boredom has no existence when you are here on your Fethiye holidays. Blessed with all natural attractions this place in turkey is, no doubt, a very wonderful place.
If you wish to visit ancient places or wish to see amazing nature views or love to shop till you are drop then Fethiye is the right destination. If you have any plans for your summer holidays or looking for inclusive Fethiye holidays then don't delay much. This beautiful town is packed full of historical glory. Visit partially ruined fortresses and Lycian rock tombs.  
Beautiful setting here in Fethiye will surely enthrall you and leave you stunned.  
Fethiye is a treasure place of highest merit. Get acquainted with the Lycian art which you are sure to come upon when you are here, surveying the whole of the place in your leisure. Exploring here could be real fun. Amnytas Tomb is a perfect example of Doric Art. Fethiye Tower is the symbolic of modern Fethiye art and most of the visitors or the tourists get enthralled by its magnificent presence. Sarcophagi is another very beautiful place to be seen here. Don't forget to visit museums here because you can see a good collection of ceramics, handicrafts, or jewelery or sculptures. Telmessos Antique Theater is also one of the prime attractions here which pulls a large number of visitors to itself.
Some of the very popular tourist attractions include Belcegiz, Gocek, Kidril Park, Oludeniz, Katranci Bay, Koturumsu and Gunluk etc. You can have the chance to visit the fort that which was built by Knights of Rhodes during medieval period. It is still in perfect stature and reminds one of the glorious past life of this place. Rock tombs displaying carvings form the Lycians are really a work of great historical importance. These Lycian carvings are supposed to be the art form of the 4th century.
Surely, Fethiye is a place to be seen.  
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